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DÉCLIC range of men’s bracelets are one of the easiest accessories a man can wear, and effortlessness is key.

Bracelets That Show Off Your Personality

Some leather, a few beads, and some classy sterling silver features can give your bracelet that little bit extra to elevate you and your outfit to absolute cool. It helps share a bit of your personality without ever having to say a word. It can also be your way of hinting at a life outside of the office. So how should you wear your DÉCLIC men’s bracelet? Bracelets for men – and men's accessories in general – are used to personalise your overall look. Choose the look you're going for. Remember that not every bracelet will be suitable for all occasions or outfits but they can be taken off and swapped for another more suitable.

How To Wear Your Bead & Leather Bracelets

Wear your bracelet on the opposite hand of the one you wear your watch or forget the watch and go with the bracelet. The standard recommendation is that bracelets should be worn on a man's non-dominant hand. Use a bracelet to tie your look together by picking a subtle colour from your outfit. Use the base tone of your shirt or a button and match your bracelet to that colour or tone. When it comes to size your bracelet must be proportional to your size and fit correctly. Never tight and definitely not loose. You should be able to slide 1 or 2 fingers under the bracelet and your wrist.

Australian Made, Australian Owned Jewellery

DÉCLIC bracelets are handmade in Sydney, Australia, and use authentic materials – mineral stones such as orange agate, yellow agate, blue striped agate, red tiger eye, onyx, purple stripe agate, yellow tiger eye, carnelian, with flair beads and charms made from sterling silver.

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