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DÉCLIC’s range of men’s scarves will help keep you warm while you look your best. Mix splashes of colour with luxurious wool. Our scarf collection is perfect to combine with any outfit - day or night.

Stylish Scarves That Keep It Simple

Loaded with style, DÉCLIC puts the luxury back into colour. Trends come and go but there is no better fashion item to keep the winter chills away than a neck protecting scarf. It’s that simple. It is one of those essential items to keep yourself warm – much like thick gloves or an overcoat – the beauty of which can be worn on a casual night out or a more formal occasion (leave that football scarf at home!).

Premium Cashmere and Wool Scarves

There are three different types of qualities in scarves at DÉCLIC - the 100% wool scarf, the 70% wool/30% cashmere and the 100% cashmere. The DÉCLIC wool scarf is typically a heavier feeling and sure to protect you from the cold air. Cashmere is one of the softest fabrics in the world and certainly one of the most stylish in DÉCLIC designs.

Perfect For Every Season

DÉCLIC scarves come in plain but bold colours, yet stripes and checks are a big feature every season. Plain is versatile and easier to wear with your more formal attire, but patterned designs are definitely more fun no matter where you are! Lengths of our men's scarves can also vary slightly depending on the pattern. This allows people to mix it up and try different styles with a multitude of different knots. You can choose to ‘drape’ your scarf around your neck, use the simple ‘over-hand' method, the ‘reverse drape’, the ‘once around’, the ‘four-in-hand', ‘fake knot’ and the ‘twice around’. All quite individual knots. Whatever your scarf preference, keep your DÉCLIC scarf close and it will likely become your new best friend during those cold days and nights.

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