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Terms & Conditions

DÉCLIC Privilege Card Terms & Conditions

Participation in the DÉCLIC Privilege Card Program (‘the Program’’) is subject to the following rules.  
We have aimed to make these rules as simple and fair as possible and will adopt a “fair go” policy in their interpretation.  If you have any questions relating to these rules, please contact your nearest DÉCLIC store or email us on

The Program is in writing.  Final interpretation of the rules and terms and conditions of the program is at the sole discretion of DÉCLIC. 

1. The “Privilege Card” card remains the property of DÉCLIC.
2. Membership is by invitation only, for individuals only and is not transferable.  Members must be 18 years of age or older.
3. The rate of reward is $1 for every $10 spent on full price merchandise online or at any DÉCLIC store (excluding our Myer Concession Store).  Sale merchandise, gift vouchers and alteration services are excluded from the program.
4. Points that you earn can be used to purchase items each of our DÉCLIC boutiques.  Please note that at this stage it cannot be used to purchase items online or in our Myer concession store.
5. DÉCLIC reserves the right to make any changes the DÉCLIC Privilege Card Program and the Terms and Conditions including changes to: the way in which privilege points are earned and redeemed point earning and redeeming rates, membership requirements and benefits;  the expiry of accrued points subject to Clause 5, cancel the Program.
6. DÉCLIC gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of the Privilege Card Program.  DÉCLIC may terminate the Program on 60 days notice.  
7. The Privilege Card is provided to special customers as a privilege and we ask that it be used in good faith.  If DÉCLIC feels that a customer is taking unfair advantage of the program, the membership of that customer may be cancelled.  
8. DÉCLIC will always aim to provide rewards or benefits accurately and within a reasonable period.  DÉCLIC accepts no liability or responsibility for any result of any errors or delays.
9. DÉCLIC takes no liability or responsibility for any result or outcome of a cancelled membership or program.
10. Retroactive claims or rewards are not offered under this program and rewards are not redeemable for cash or discounts.
11. Privacy - As part of the Privilege Card, DÉCLIC will store personal information such as name, address and items purchased.  This information will be stored for marketing purposes and internal use only.  Members will receive marketing and communications material from DÉCLIC from time to time.
12. Any points not redeemed 12 months after the end of the month in which the points were recorded will expire and be deducted from your points balance.
13. Points cannot be re-credited once they have expired.
14. Memberships will be deemed cancelled if there is no purchase activity in a 24month period.
15. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact DÉCLIC to cancel the card and request a replacement.
16. Members acknowledge that the points earned under the Program have no cash value other than as redeemable under the Program.
17. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects any rights members may have and which by law cannot be excluded, including the Trade Practices Act (1974). 
18. DÉCLIC Privilege Card program and its points earning and redemption, is applicable only to DÉCLIC retail stores (excluding Concession stores and online store).


Shirts for Success Program

We will give you a $20 CREDIT on any new seasons DÉCLIC shirt when you trade-in one of your pre-loved DÉCLIC shirts (or you will receive a $10 credit for a non-DÉCLIC shirt).
Visit a DÉCLIC store* and present your pre-loved shirt and we will give you a credit of up to $20 on a new seasons DÉCLIC shirt. Pre-loved shirts will need to be in good wearable condition (no rips or tears) and be freshly washed. Trade-ins, credits and purchases must be completed in one transaction.
There is no limit to the amount of pre-loved shirts you can trade-in, however only one credit will be applied as a discount against the full retail price of an individual DÉCLIC shirt.

DÉCLIC Suit Care Guarantee 

"DÉCLIC is proud to have created a very high quality garment for you to enjoy.  However our care continues after your purchase.  So bring back your DÉCLIC suit and we’ll take care of the first dry cleans for you – because we care."
Gilles Du Puy

Here’s how it works DÉCLIC will provide two complimentary suit dry cleans over a 12 month period with the purchase of any full priced DÉCLIC suit, commencing May 1, 2013.
How to Participate To enable us to identify your date of purchase, you will need to become a DÉCLIC loyalty customer (if you are not already).  This means we will have a record of your date of purchase and dates of complimentary dry cleans.  An additional bonus as a DÉCLIC loyalty customer is you can earn points on each of your purchases.
What will I have to do? Take your DÉCLIC suit to any DÉCLIC store. Our staff will take care of it from there.  We will provide a standard dry clean.  You can pick up your suit within a reasonable time. Note - we will not reimburse for dry cleaning undertaken by any other dry cleaners. In-store drop offs only.

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