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How to Reinvent your Spring Racing Carnival Look

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With the Spring Racing Carnival just a few short weeks away, Australia’s more sartorially minded men might be wondering how to present themselves this year.

If you’re after a fresh angle on your racing look, look no further. DÉCLIC has the tips you need to reinvent your wardrobe for one of the most important days on the fashion calendar. Read on and discover how you could transform your look this season. 

Choose a strong foundation 

At an event like the Spring Carnival, it can be all too tempting to go loud first and elegant second. With such a high standard of sartorial excellence set by the general public at Oaks Day, Derby Day and the Melbourne Cup itself, standing out can become more of a priority than looking good. 

The truly stylish man knows that you don’t have to choose. Setting yourself apart doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on the quality of your clothes. The Spring Racing Carnival is a time of celebration – a moment for people to explore new looks and experiment with new pieces, so always feel free to try something a bit more daring – a mix of patterns, a variety of colours, a more unusual silhouette. Just be careful that you pay respects to your feature pieces by matching them correctly. Just as a fine painting needs a beautiful frame to give it the appropriate impact, so too does a brocade jacket or retro-style shirt need to be married with something more demure in order to ensure it shines through. 

Pairing a printed shirt with a gorgeously cut slate suit or a very modern jacket with a traditionally patterned and exquisitely Windsor knotted tie allows you to keep the focus on the components of your outfit your most proud of while still dressing the part from top to bottom. 

Add depth as well as flash 

It’s one thing to dazzle, and entirely another to impress. Events like the Spring Racing Carnival are not only an excuse to experiment with something new, they’re a chance to revisit pieces you only keep for the most special occasions. The Rolex watch, the pearl cufflinks, the designer belts – these are all common sights at the races. 

While beautiful objects like this are always a welcome addition to any outfit, they need the same care your statement jacket or shirt does. A considered approach to your accessories that matches like-with-like – keeping your leathergoods to a single colour, or your jewellery to a single metal – makes your outfit appear more deliberate, thoughtful and constructed. 

Extend this level of consideration to your accessories. Adding a pocket square to a suit and tie not only lends it a bit of extra formality, but also gives you a chance to display a bit of extra colour and personality. Matching your pocket square to your tie is a classic look that always looks sharp and stylish, but it’s not the only option open. If you’re looking to create that considered appearance while introducing more colour and variety, look for a pocket square in a contrasting pattern or shade. 

Have fun with it 

More important than any fashion rule is how your outfit makes you feel. If you’re looking sharp and feeling confident in your outfit, it’ll shine through.

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