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Spring Colours and Looks to Impress in 2019

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Spring is finally here, which means big changes not just for nature but for your wardrobe. The leap from the depths of winter – with its overcoats, thick gloves and scarves – to spring is one of the biggest fashion transformations of the year. If you’re looking to make a splash this spring, read on and let DÉCLIC show you how to greet the season the right way.

For many men, dressing for cold weather is boring but easy. Most overcoats, jackets and scarves you’d see on the street tend to run towards darker shades such as black, grey, navy and forest green. Spring requires a different approach – shedding the heavy woollen coats means a whole new palette. Light neutrals with a pop of colour 

This spring, an easy way to update your look to match the new season is to stick to the same formula that works for most men in winter – neutral with a pop of colour. Except here, instead of neutral shades such as grey and black, we’re aiming for pale greys, extremely desaturated pastels and beiges. A collared shirt in peach or powder blue with a pair of cream slacks is a perfect foundation for a daytime spring look. Marry it with a pop of something more vibrant like a tie in canary yellow, varsity red or emerald green (or any other jewel tone) and you have a readymade outfit. 

Think texture, not just colour 

Colour-matching is an art, but it’s not the only key to achieving a stylish, put-together look. The fabrics you choose for your spring wardrobe are just as vital to conveying the right look as the tones. After all, wool has an entirely different look to silk and linen, presenting a stiffer and more formal appearance that doesn’t gel well with the more relaxed feel of spring. A linen shirt is the quintessential spring wardrobe piece, lending a softer and less formal look than highly starched cotton while also letting you breathe when the mercury rises. Invest in a few for the warmer days. 

Similar silhouettes, a more relaxed fit 

Moving into spring doesn’t mean giving up on your more structured pieces. With the mercury still below 30°C, there’s still time in the year for blazers, jackets and tailored trousers – they just need a small adjustment. Spring’s liveliness and vibrancy invites you to explore more relaxed silhouettes, trading highly tailored woollen coats for more breezy unlined cotton and linen jackets, and sharply pleated trousers for looser cut chinos. The result? A look that doesn’t diminish your sophistication while still acknowledging the change in season. 

Layer for all weather 

Spring is a notoriously fickle season, with a single week often containing pouring rain, scorching heat and gale force winds. Dressing for this season requires a flexibility that a single garment is not going to offer you. 

While winter is normally thought of as the layering season, in spring it’s just as important. Except here you’re not layering for warmth, you’re layering for versatility. A collared shirt and a sports jacket is just the start – add a lightweight jumper over the shirt and a scarf on top and you not only have an outfit that’s richer in personality, it’s also one that’s up to those fussy days that go from rain to shine and back again. 

For a look that’s sure to impress throughout the season, check the DÉCLIC range and discover your new favourite piece today.

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