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The Essentials for Surviving Winter in Melbourne

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Surviving Winter in MelbourneWinter in Melbourne is harsh, and not just because of the weather. Plunging temperatures, freezing rain and gale winds send people running towards their most practical clothing, robbing well-dressed people of many of their best pieces. 

At DÉCLIC, we believe that men should dress with personality and edge, no matter the season. To help you look your best, we’re giving you our three tips for surviving winter in Melbourne. Read on and keep the flames of fashion alive in even the worst weather this winter. 

Winterwear doesn’t have to be dark

Between all the black, brown and khaki peacoats on the streets of Melbourne in winter, our city can look a bit homogenous and a lot drab. These dark, earthy tones have their place, but with grey skies and pouring rain being the norm for more than three months of the year, the weather can be dark enough without your help. 

We think you and everyone around you would appreciate a bit of colour. Winterwear is traditionally a dark affair, but taking the extra time to find something brighter or patterned can not only lift your wardrobe, but your mood.

Seek out more saturated versions of the traditional colours – greens instead of khakis, tans instead of browns, light greys instead of charcoals – and see how you could transform your wardrobe. 

Also worth investigating are jewel tones – emerald greens, sapphire blues, yellow topaz and others. A favourite of many designers, the slightly desaturated nature of these colours lends them a more natural feel that makes them the perfect statement piece to pair with darker, more traditional winter colours. 

Layer, layer, and layer again 

When one layer isn’t enough, try two. Melbourne’s bitter winters can often cut through even the sturdiest jackets, so if you’re looking to keep warm this winter, layering is the key. 

Not only will you stay warmer on those harrowing trips from the train to the office, you’ll have more of a canvas to play with. Let’s face it, for many people – especially men – winter can be a bit constricting on the wardrobe. Being forced to rug up in the thickest winterwear you have doesn’t leave much room for any flair, so rather than committing to a giant woollen coat, why combine multiple layers into a single outfit? 

Moving from a shirt and coat to a long sleeve shirt, a jumper and jacket will give you infinitely more room to play. Layers allow you to introduce a variety of colours and patterns into your winter wardrobe that you would otherwise just be starved for. Layering also allows you to better adapt to Melbourne’s infinitely changeable weather. When the wind and the rain stops and the temperature jumps up by 5°C, just shed an outer layer and maintain that perfect temperature. 

Add colour with accessories 

When it’s just too cold to leave the house without your thickest coat, there’s no need to feel glum. The right accessories can draw the eye away from the darker and less interesting parts of an outfit, breathing new life into a drab woollen jacket. 

Hats alongside knitted pieces like scarves and gloves as well as leathergoods like belts and shoes can really elevate an otherwise staid outfit, helping you show some personality even when the weather is at its very worst. For office-workers, a bright tie, unique cufflinks or a statement tiepin can help lift your winter corporate-wear to a new level. 

For the best collection of accessories to help you get your wardrobe winter-ready, visit DÉCLIC. With multiple locations across Melbourne and Sydney and a fully stocked online store, we make it easy for every man to add a bit of colour to their winter wardrobe. Browse today and discover a new way to dress. 

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